Lower control arm bushing replacement

Our mobile mechanics offer services 7 days a week. Upfront and transparent pricing. Average rating from customers who received a Control Arm Assembly Replacement. Learn More. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to.

Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office. A control arm is a suspension component, usually made of heavy gauge steel or aluminum, that links the steering knuckle in the front — or axle carrier in the rear — to the frame of the vehicle.

Many vehicles have upper and lower control arms. The inboard link s of the arm securely bolt to the frame of the vehicle through rubber bushings, while the outboard link of the control arm connects to the steering knuckle through a ball joint; all of which allow the control of the up and down movement of the steering knuckle or axle carrier.

The structural portion of the control arm can last the life of the vehicle — except for cases of corrosion or crash damage. However, the rubber bushings and the ball joint in a control arm have a limited life. A mechanic should investigate if you notice:. If the car wanders on the road, pulls to one side, or noise from the suspension is loud, you need to schedule repair right away. Should the problem be limited to low levels of noise, such as clunking or squeaking, continued use of the car is reasonable until you can schedule a repair.

Should the control arms be damaged as a result of a collision, it would be unsafe to drive the car until it is repaired. With YourMechanic you can skip the auto shop altogether. They send certified and screened mechanics straight to your door and enable you to save big on car repair and maintenance. Control Arm Assembly Replacement at your home or office Our mobile mechanics offer services 7 days a week.

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Control Arm Bushings and Bearings

Free 50 point safety inspection. See availability. How much does Control Arm Assembly Replacement cost? When to consider replacing a control arm: The structural portion of the control arm can last the life of the vehicle — except for cases of corrosion or crash damage. A mechanic should investigate if you notice: Wheel alignment difficulties. Should the bushings, or the ball joint, in a control arm be worn, it will be impossible to properly align the vehicle.

The worn components, or the entire arm, must be replaced. A car will not track straight and may require constant steering correction if there is a worn, bent, or loose control arm. Clunking or squeaking noise. A loose control arm, or a control arm with dried out, rotted, or loose bushings, may move enough to cause detectable noise from the suspension as you go over bumps in the road. Vehicle pulls to one side only when braking.

Worn bushings or ball joints can allow control arm to shift when braking, causing the vehicle to pull to one side. Although, this could also be caused by brake calipers. How do mechanics replace a control arm?All cars have wear items. Many of these come in the form of bushings or joints.

The suspension is where most folks find themselves dealing with these wear items. While technology has vastly improved the life of these components, they still need to be replaced eventually. By the time your vehicle hits the k mile range, the clock is ticking pretty fast on the usable life most of your suspension bushings and joints. Rubber bushings perform several functions- vibration damping, noise reduction, and smooth out the ride, but they do wear out.

Note the inner and outer sleeves. Replacing these items is a fairly straight forward process, but there are some tips and tricks to help you get it done quickly.

How Long Does a Control Arm Assembly Last?

There are several methods to get this task completed, and we will discuss each of them here. First, we must talk about the bushings themselves. A bushing like those used in suspension control arms, consist of three components — outer shell, rubber or polyurethane bushing, and the inner sleeve. The rubber is what breaks down, though the shell and sleeve often rust, making them harder to remove. Removal and installation really just involves the outer shell, as this is the part that actually mates to the control arm.

This is important to note, as you can remove the center bits without actually removing the shell. This is the hardest method of removing control arm bushings there is, but it is also the one that gets used the most by non-professionals. This is not a control arm, it is a GM bolt rear end. It uses the same type of rubber bushing. We used the manual method to remove this one. The work-around on this method is to use an air-hammer and chisel the edges of the shell, driving a series of wedges around the shell.

This will shrink the shell enough to allow you to drive the shell out of the arm without damaging the arm.

lower control arm bushing replacement

The second method is the easiest option for DIY builders without a full-size press. The beauty of this is the fact that you can use a tool to make it happen.

You need a ball joint press and the assorted cups and possible a socket to match the outer shell of the control arm bushing. Just set it up as you would hydraulic press and use a wrench to operate the screwjack. Simply set up the press with a large cup on the arm that is large enough to accept the outer shell.

Select a driver that matches the diameter of the outer shell for the inside of the control arm bushing where you will be pressing it outand slowly drive the control arm bushing out. Reverse the operation to install the new bushing. This is the easiest and fastest method to removing and installing control arm bushings.Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

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International delivery. United States delivery. Control Arm Bushings and Bearings Improve the handling of your vehicle with new control arm bushings! Find the parts you need for front and rear upper and lower control arms available in all the bushing colors and materials you want.Hardlymoving writes about do-it-yourself automobile maintenance on various makes and models.

This do-it-yourself article provides instructions for replacing either the driver- or passenger-side lower suspension control arm on Toyota and Lexus vehicles, including:. This article shows the control arm being replaced on a Toyota Camry; the video at the end of the article shows the control arm and other suspension parts being replaced on a Avalon. Note: Early model vehicles have their sway bar link attached to the control arm itself instead of to the suspension strut.

A visual inspection of the control arm bushing can be deceiving. If you can see minute cracks, with the wheels off, the bushing may still be in reasonable condition. However, the crack s may be hiding a larger rubber separation that can only be seen after removing the control arm, inserting a metal rod in the rear bushing's metal sleeve, and wiggling it. The symptoms above might also be caused by wear to the ball joints, outer and inner tie rod ends, struts, strut mounts, sway bar bushings and links.

With high-mileage vehicles, my preference is to replace many of these items at the same time, to provide long-term labor savings for the customer.

I think it's more convenient to replace the old control arm with a new one, along with new bushings. Although it's true that new bushings in both front and rear are about half the price of a new control arm at least for a Camryif you don't have a high-pressure press, you will have to ask a machine shop to take the old bushings out of the arm. This means you have to drop off the control arm, wait for the bushings to be replaced, pick up the control arm, and pay for the labor.

The control arm, which bolts to the front sub-frame of the vehicle, contains two rubber bushings: the front, which usually maintains its integrity, and the rear, which absorbs the most stress and hence may eventually split or break.

The other end of the control arm is attached to the steering knuckle via the lower ball joint. With most Toyota vehicles, the control arm is bolted to the ball joint, which makes it relatively easy to remove the control arm. I have never encountered a bent or damaged control arm, so replacing just the bushings as opposed to replacing the control arm makes no difference in the way the car drives.

With the correct tools on hand, it will take approximately one hour at a moderate pace. Disconnect the sway bar link from the suspension strut. This must be performed on both the driver and passenger side. This will allow the sway bar to be rotated away from the control arm which will ease removal and installation.

Detach the lower portion of the ball joint from the control arm. A breaker bar or high-torque impact driver may be needed to loosen the two 2 nuts and one 1 bolt that secure the ball joint to the control arm; they are usually on very tight.

I find both these tools very useful to have around when working on cars, and worth the investment. Note: If you buy a control arm with a new ball joint attached, you can detach the ball joint from the steering knuckle. This involves:. Here's an article with illustrated instructions for replacing the ball joint. Separate the control arm from the ball joint by pressing down on the control arm until the ball joint studs clear the control arm holes.

Then swing the ball joint away from the control arm. Remove the front control arm bushing bolts. These are torqued on very tight and require either a breaker bar or high-torque impact driver to loosen.

Remove the rear control arm bushing bolt.The assembly is connected via ball joints to the wheels and to the frame by bushings.

This setup is normally found in the front of vehicles, as very few cars have these in the rear. Over time, the control arm assembly can become worn or bent. These assemblies normally wear out between 90, andmiles.

They can wear out faster if you go over a large pothole or are involved in a car accident. Various parts of the assembly may wear out as well, such as the bushings or ball joints. To keep this assembly lasting longer, have it inspected every time your suspension is looked at. This way, each component of the control arm assembly is properly assessed by a professional.

If there is something wrong with a part, A professional mechanic can replace the control arm assembly at that point. This will aid in a smoother drive because your vehicle will not vibrate while it is driving due to a bad control arm assembly or a poor suspension.

lower control arm bushing replacement

Since the control arm assembly will go bad over time, it is important that you can recognize the symptoms. As soon as you recognize the signs, you can have your vehicle inspected and repaired, which will be a relatively straightforward process.

The control arm assembly is an important part of your vehicle and its suspension, as soon as something is wrong with it, have it replaced right away so you can drive your vehicle safely again. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Control Arm Assembly Replacement. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U.

Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Control Arm Assembly Replacement. Service Area. Average rating from customers who received a Control Arm Assembly Replacement. Signs your control arm assembly needs to be replaced include: The steering wheel or vehicle vibrates while you are driving down the road Loud noises, such as banging, when you go over bumps or potholes Uneven tire wear The steering wheel is not as responsive as it was before The wheels move or shake while you are driving The control arm assembly is an important part of your vehicle and its suspension, as soon as something is wrong with it, have it replaced right away so you can drive your vehicle safely again.

Home Articles. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Articles. What Is a Strut? Related Questions. Car shakes when in idle.

lower control arm bushing replacement

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Symptoms of a Bad Lower Control Arm Bushing and Replacement Cost

StockWise Auto.Home Articles Control Arm Bushing Replacement - Lower How to Replace a Lower Control Arm and Bushings A lower control arm can cause popping, steering wheel shakes and irregular tire wear A lower control arm is designed to act as a support between the car frame and the spindle which is where the tire is located.

Every car is designed with control arms no matter if it is conventional, hybrid or electric. At least 2 control arms are on any car while independent rear suspension models will have at least four. These arms consist of two rubber bushings a metal frame and in some cases a ball joint.

Responsible for allowing the wheel to move upward while the car hits at bump without transferring the motion to the body of the car a control arm acts like a hinge which supports the weight of the car by using a spring and shock assembly. Because the weight of the car is transferred through the control arm two rubber bushings are fitted at the pivot point and bolted to the frame.

Road conditions and driving habits can contribute to the wear of these bushings which will become worn and fall apart. These bushing can be inspected by raising the car up and looking for an irregular configuration of the rubber center of the bushing. Many control arms have the ball joint manufactured into the arm which will be replaced along with the control arm itself.

When one control arm is worn it is highly advised to replace the opposing arm. You will need to start by removing the wheel and jacking the car up while supporting it on jack stands. Also wear protective eyewear and gloves.

lower control arm bushing replacement

To start the ball joint must be released which can be done using a large wrench 20mm to 24mm or socket and loosening the ball joint nut after the cotter pin has been removed. Then by using a hammer strike the spindle or control arm bulkhead to "shock" the taper fit loose. If this job is being done on "live spring" suspension shock the lower control arm must be held by a hydraulic jack and then slowly lowered once the ball joint is released.

A sway bar will be connected to the control arm by way of the sway bar link. Remove the nut using a 14mm or 15mm wrench or socket. There could be a mini taper fit for this connection so you may need to shock it loose much like the ball joint.

Grasp the sway bar link and remove it away from the lower control arm mount. This will help the sway bar link stay out of the way during the job. There will be two control arm mounting bolts which could be horizontal or vertical.

Use a 19mm to 22mm wrench or socket to loosen and remove the bolts. Some bolts will have a nut on the backside which will need to held by an additional wrench.

How to Replace a Lower Control Arm and Bushings

These bolts will be tight so make sure the socket or wrench is securely on the head of the bolt to avoid rounding. A universal joint and socket can be used to remove the rear control arm bolt which makes the job easier. After the bolts have been removed the arm may be loose so keep your hands on it.

If the control arm is still in its mounts firmly grasp the arm and pull it outward while moving it up and down to remove it from the frame mounts. If you are replacing just the bushings then continue with this guide. If you are replacing the entire control arm then continue onto number 6 in this guide. In the image below you can see the old bushing is torn allowing the control arm to wonder around in its mounts which causes brake pull and irregular tire wear.

Match the new bushing to the old bashing located in the control arm.

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