Escape from tarkov prism scope mount

Modding guns in Escape From Tarkov is an almost spiritual experience. Where most online shooters might give you a choice of scope and muzzle attachment, Tarkov lets you customize every conceivable component.

Gas tubes, barrels, receivers, side mounts, and optics can all be replaced to create your perfect angel of death, a weapon of war tailored to your every desire. The guns you are about to witness are not these guns. Because with light, so must come darkness, and the freedom of Tarkov's overwhelmingly complicated gun modding lets you make some truly abhorrent monsters.

These are just a few of my favorite guns, each one so weird it could be an Exotic weapon from Destiny 2. And if you dare follow in my footsteps, I've even created a shopping list for each one so you can easily recreate them. And God saw the light, and it was, like, really bright. You cannot kill that which you cannot see is probably the most fundamental truth of any shooter, but thankfully there's the Eye of Providence, a Colt M4A1 equipped with five flashlights that will let you peer into even the blackest abyss and bathe your enemies in radiant, scintillating light.

And to make sure you can always get a bead on your foes, I have attached five separate optics: three reflex sights mounted on a Nightforce ATACR x56 scope, with a fifth T-1 reflex sight mounted at an angle along the handguard. Other notable features include a suppressor and drum magazine because reloading is for losers. Any warrior worth his salt can kill regardless of the weapon, and Box of Chocolates is the gun that separates warriors from corpses.

escape from tarkov prism scope mount

I have meticulously loaded its round drum magazine with at least one of each different type of gauge ammo, meaning you'll never know whether your next shot will unleash a devastating 12x70mm AP slug or just some useless buckshot.

But that shouldn't concern a true warrior like you. Along with the customary suppressor, Box of Chocolates also comes with a laser designator and dual flashlights—so you can guarantee your enemies will always be coming to you. Though you might think this a mere PM pistol modded with a sight mounted suppressor, the inverse is actually true: This is a suppressor modded with a pistol. Yes, the distinction matters.

Legends say that eons ago mythical gunsmiths called the Alpha Dogs forged a suppressor with a weaver rail built on top of it so that warriors could mount optics on the suppressor itself. It was, naturally, branded as heresy and the Alpha Dogs were disembowled in front of The Autarch and his court. Most were of these profane suppressors were thought destroyed, but a few have apparently survived.

escape from tarkov prism scope mount

This AKSU platform boasts four laser designators to ensure you can always get a bead on your target—which is good because you'll need all the help you can get the moment you pull the trigger.

The AKSU already suffers from wild recoil, but without a stock this bad boy will kick harder than a mule, making it a challenge to kill even the closest target. To compensate, Bucking Bronco comes with an enormous round drum mag, so you can spray and pray all day.When you place a pre-order you automatically agree to Rules of the Game.

Primary Arms Compact Prism Zielfernrohr 2,5x

The additional fees are not included in the price. The final cost will be presented before the payment. Different payment methods include different fees. Purchases are locked to the specific geographic region the purchase was made from. The game can only be launched if your current region is the same where the purchase was made. The only exception is Europe — purchases made in this region will be available to launch anywhere around the world. Your current region is: Russia and CIS countries.

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Learn more.

escape from tarkov prism scope mount

Standard Edition. Purchase as a gift. Left Behind Edition. Prepare for Escape Edition. Edge of Darkness Limited Edition. Cookie Disclaimer.The wipe will be partial. Only the trader reputation points will be saved.

Added new paid exits on the maps:. To use our site, you may need to provide the information specified in the Security Policy, for example, Cookie files. By clicking the "Accept" button, you confirm that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy, fully and freely agreed to have your data collected and processed in the ways and for the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Learn more. We are pleased to present to you the patch 0. Added: Added the first of planned Scav bosses, the Dealmaker His favorite haunts are dorms and gas station at the Customs. His leadership skills allowed the Dealmaker to easily pull together a posse of former factory workers. Well armed, they continue to force their own rules in Tarkov. The Dealmaker prefers to avoid fair fights, quickly retreating to a safe place and leaving his guys to deal with the enemy.

The boss does not make an appearance on location every time, but with a certain chance. Added flashbang grenades Added smoke grenades Added Nvidia Highlights, recording episodes of your firefights, if your graphics card supports this technology.

Added armbands of basic colors, players can now pick the color to make it easier to tell friend from foe in combat. Cookie Disclaimer.An iteration of AI behavior and shooting improvements.

Now AI behavior should become more realistic and eliminate most of the cases where the AI behaved strangely. This should lead to an increase in the effectiveness of their behavior as well as making it more predictable. The AI behavior will be refined based on statistics and your feedback.

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Learn more. Hotfix 0. Fixed a bug with an incorrect search by an offer ID at the flea market. Fixed a bug in which an item that was exchanged at the flea market, visually remained in the stash.

Fixed a bug of the flea market interface in which the item sorting remained after being reset. Various fixes of the flea market interfaces has been added. The speed of AI response, when bullet hits AI or near it, has been adjusted. Fracture chance has been adjusted. Added the ability to mark all examined items as viewed by clicking on the notification of the number of new examined items. In the flea market added a checkbox "Require for all items in offer". This allows you to specify the price not for one piece of item, but for the entire pack of items.

Fixed: Fixed a bug with group matching. Fixed bug when dragging items from quick access bar to inventory. Fixed bug with placing items from trading interface to quick access bar. Fixed a bug about examining items in flea market, when an error appeared. Fixed a bug when the items used in the trade exchange, which were not in the stash, were not visually removed.

Fixed display of offers with barter more than 3 positions. Dear Escapers! An advanced economy addition to EFT, adding the opportunity of free trading between players. Now you can offer any pre-examined items for sale, and purchase any goods from other players. By leveling up your own standing, you can offer more items and get more additional benefits. The Flea market system includes an advanced search engine, a wish list and other convenient features for easy use with the new system A new encyclopedia - handbook is available now, it shows already examined items.

In future, the functionality of this feature will expand. Blunt damage now depends on a armor class and bullet penetration ratio. Ergonomics is now calculated in a different way, mods values are added to the characteristics of the weapon that they are placed on. The skills and armor penalties are still added as a percentage. The final weight of the weapon influences the characteristics of the ergonomics.

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Оптический прицел Monstrum "Compact prism scope" 2x32

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Tarkov - Monstrum Compact prism scope 2x32

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